WestJet Boeing 737-8CT C-FWSE

Editors note: This post was written in jest.

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I’d like to direct this post to the website There’s something I’ve wanted to tell you since this morning. Your opinion about Anet not having the best aviation photos is incorrect.

The definition you give about what makes a “good photo” is wrong. Feeling or emotion have no place in aviation photography for it is an industry of sameness devoid of emotion. Feelings evoked by great timing, creative composition, colours and lighting should all be frowned upon as they undermine the principles and practices that Anet has worked so hard to develop and maintain.

Your point is blunted by the fact that Anet does not claim to be a website with “good photos” but instead “The Best Airplane Information, Aviation Photos and Aviation News!” which they wrote on the internet so it must be true. Without “ridiculous rules” aircraft registration numbers might not be readable or visible thus casting doubt on the credibility of their database. Without adopting “Anet eyes” and and rules photographers would submit “good” photos that are not technically perfect and instead cluttered up with things like “feeling and composition”. Anet screeners only want to see and post “the best”; they feel nothing when declining “good” photos because feeling is not part of their rules. A strict list of requirements sets a goal for the wide brimmed hat/photo vest wearing photog to aid in his or her quest to achieve the best. Letting emotion into a photo might cause ones shutter speed to drop below 1/8000ths of a second. Anything less than 1/8000ths would render their time lurking around airports and money spent on wide brimmed hats/photo vests and camera equipment worthless. Being selected by Anet assures one that they are the best aviation photographer of all time.

For that I’d like to say to apron6 if all aviation photos on Anet or elsewhere on the web fit your definition of a good photo they would no longer evoke anything due to everything being exactly what Anet is…the best.

“All the real songs never get heard
and all the real art is worth nothing
All the real words never get heard
and everything remains the same”
– selfmindead

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